Power To Cope with a 2nd Grade Education

With Aparecida Nery, A disarmingly honest story, shared by Cida–a woman who had many strikes against her from earliest childhood–knowing grinding poverty, seeing violence, with a parent overcome by a vice that caused her childish life to experience frequent middle-of-the night harried excursions as the family fled from town to town escaping the police. Jerked out of school at the age of eight, she got a job that provided rent money and food for her family in exchange for her care of a woman so contagiously ill even the woman’s own relatives would not help her. There is MUCH more to her story of finding God’s love, being trained into a responsible career, to even being instrumental in establishing five churches for God on the East Coast of this country–proving the truth of her favorite promise found in Philippians 4: 13. It must be! 

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