Power To Cope Getting To Know God

      Power To Cope Getting To Know God

With Pastor Jack Blanco:  Absolutely thrilling insights will be revealed in the wisdom of God’s leading/protection that brought youthful Jack to choose Christ as a life-long model! This is the first of several conversations planned with this man who has impacted so many lives due to years he dedicated in preparing an amplified version of the Bible know to the thousands of devoted Bible students as The Clear Word!

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  1. What a powerful story! I was so blessed and inspired by Jack and his early life and how God revealed Himself to Jack! I was hoping the Jan 2, 2013 talk was longer…it ended abruptly at 28′ 14″ …is the full discussion/interview available anywhere? Thanx for a great program Juanita & Brad…and keep up the good work with these powerful messages and stories on Power To Cope!
    Hi to the rest of the gang and may God keep you all in HIS care as you work for HIM there in the Keys!
    –Wes Lombard; Reading, VT Tel:

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