Power To Cope Finding His Place

Wayne Clarke. Wayne is a man who has led others to enjoy a life filled with educational achievements, preciseness in dealing with work in accounting, even participating in the organization and groundwork in developing a place of advanced training and experience for those drawn to serve God in the capacity of ministers.
This does not sound like someone who basically “flunked” the second grade, whose parents believed in him and had to spend long hours trying to help him learn to read and spell! Those were the days when no “special ed” classes existed…and few understood what the term “dyslexia” meant. Wayne was just a little boy, growing bigger each day, but shunned to an extent because he just couldn’t learn. But God had a hand over that little boy, and his story will tug at your heart as you walk with him through the agony of his learning disability–and realiza how one must never dismiss anyone as hopeless or dumb. Wayne, by God’s grace, has achieved much in his life, and gives humble thanks to his Lord who from beginning until now has truly been his “Power” to cope!

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