POWER TO COPE Forgiving Again and Again

      POWER TO COPE Forgiving Again and Again

“Diane”  tells a story that could be troubling to someone who lives only at the surface in a marriage relationship. Diane left early home training and when her parents moved away, found a soul-mate with two previous divorces in a bar. Her idea that marriage was “for life” collided with his wandering eye and behavior. A baby / divorce / single parenting / ”soulmate” asking to return / remarriage / repetition / then finding God and amazing God-given power to cope that included lasting change makes this story incredible!

POWER TO COPE With Head, Heart, and Hands

      POWER TO COPE With Head

Dave Rhode  is a man with an unusually large dose of good common sense about life from almost every angle. His inquiring mind was intrigued to find out “how things work” from his earliest years. That curiosity developed into skills with his hands and brain that led him through to success in his life-long career as a building contractor. Bringing a profound faith in God into the mix—even his hobbies (photography, cars—you name it) have given him opportunity, with his consecrated wife Shirley, to show compassion with common sense as God directs, to nearly anyone, anywhere, in need. They demo the motto of living one day at a time going on God’s errands, with the unselfish Holy Spirit being the quiet ingredient of their lives.

POWER TO COPE Juggling Home, Work and School

      POWER TO COPE Juggling Home

Ellen Mochache is a dynamic lady who is blessed with a husband, Gershom Soire, whom she respects, and who respects her. Family worship is a priority as the two also work at giving a tiny little daughter (still nursing) their best possible attention and affections. Now a fulltime career as a nurse practitioner, plus working toward a doctorate in her field, is no simple task. But much prayer and wisdom in putting first things first (i.e. God) includes taking God at His word and believing. There’s a winning combination here!

POWER TO COPE With Economic Uncertainties.

      POWER TO COPE With Economic Uncertainties.

“Jim”  has been determined to follow the legal profession that his dad followed long years ago in a time of war. But his father’s obstacles concerned basic freedoms removed, that put faith in God to a maximum test. And now Jim is challenged financially, physically, and at times nearly forced to compromise his own faith in this period of major economic uncertainties with corporate implications stifling his career and home life. Jim and his family have been driven to their knees and are finding the same promises Jim’s dad claimed are available for them—even as they are available for all of us. It’s called a “power to cope” that comes with a certainty from above!

The Future

POWER TO COPE With The Future

Juanita KretschmarBrad interviewed Juanita who told how frightened she was at the thought of leaving her comfort zone in the USA for mission service in Brazil, but in responding to God’s call came resolution only He can give. Later asking for the Holy Spirit turned out to bring even more panic, but having learned to trust His promises at some level, she finally responded to His mandate to ASK! She was as surprised as you may be with what happened next—all planned by God so she finally found peace !

Everyday Life

POWER TO COPE With Everyday Life

Ken & Lee Anne Settlemier are down-to-earth people who saw God moving all their lives. For example God enabled Lee Anne to return to the workaday world seamlessly getting a position almost immediately back into the world of computers in nearly miraculous fashion when Ken’s world in the flooring business crashed for a time with the timber industry in Oregon in the 80s. The calm they exhibited was evident from the time they arrived at A KEY ENCOUNTER—welcomed by a protruding branch that poked a hole in the roof of their 5th Wheel at the front gate. Their reaction: unflappable. They have Power To Cope! Tune in and hear for yourself


Cirrhosis of the Liver

POWER TO COPEWith Cirrhosis of the Liver

Donna Shelman:was shocked to have her unremitting pain diagnosed a few years back as Cirrhosis of the Liver. Such an impossibility for a person who helped others learn healthy lifestyles, and who had never in her life tasted an alcoholic drink. But the diagnosis was clear—and she was told she had 5 years to live. She immediately turned to an entirely plant-based diet, and entered into a determined exercise program that saw not only remission but reversal of her diabetes and a new verdict about her liver: the cirrhosis is gone. She’s been healed God’s way.

When a designing girl destroys your life.

POWER TO COPE When a designing girl destroys your life.

Mary” worked at her husband’s side helping him grow their business until it had not only provided building services to many facilities around the USA, but was beginning to bless those needing assistance in far away countries. There was joy throughout the growing team working for them when they met together and reviewed each new challenge. None were really prepared for the warning the young husbands all received about a young woman who set out to husbands away from their wives. But the girl was 30 years younger than Mary’s husband. Surely now! Only God has carried Mary through the past 20 years. She’s alone with God and friends …and building homes for the underprivileged again…and the designing girl? 

POWER TO COPE With a Life-Changing Accident

POWER TO COPE With a Life-Changing Accident

Linda was in the passenger side of the front seat of a vehicle when it went around a curve and sideswiped a parked car that had been left carelessly in the roadway. Months later she left the hospital, to a far different life than she had before the wreck. Now, with a diagnosis of organic brain disease and several leg operations in her past, she walks again, willing to trust God with a whole different life that, with Him, she had to re-invent!

40 Years of Memory Wiped Out

POWER TO COPE When 40 Years of Memory is Wiped Out

Dr. Vernon Shafer is a professional man, who for decades was accustomed to an intense life of service as wise counselor training doctors, and as comforting restorer for those with mental problems. Then one day he, himself, was in need of similar help. Though he experienced difficulty even remembering who he was and who his friends were, yet his story is one that is compelling and encouraging all at once. God has given him power to cope—and though he never returned to his career as clinical psychologist, he did retain ability as a thought-filled poet! You’ll be blessed!