Nursing in Saigon during the Viet Nam War

      POWER TO COPE Nursing in Saigon during the Viet Nam War

You’ll be refreshed to hear the story of a brilliant young nurse—with a self-image close to failure—step forward under God to a challenge few would ever consider seriously. Now with her doctorate, and a life history impacting positively countless students, one can praise God for the challenge and courage only He could have given that carried her through!

Power to Cope Since Viet Nam – Part 2

      Power to Cope Since Viet Nam - Part 2

Part 2 of Stuart Griffen’s story.  Part one can be found here:

Power To Cope Since Viet Nam Part 1

      Power To Cope Since Viet Nam

Stuart Griffin headed to military service after high school, certain he’d have more control over what he would accomplish in his life. Somehow it didn’t work out as he planned. Drug usage and alcohol, always plentiful both in and out of the service somehow turned his life upside down. Getting back to the States after the war, his search for answers led him to Europe and a cave where others were on a mission to find out about god from a youthful guru. His search was serious, but somehow God Himself got through to him with very clear instructions that he was on the wrong path in his search. Years later, with a family, again God spoke–warning him. In time he accepted the warning. . . .Though his life has included some tough losses, Stuart  found deliverance, found a path to peace that has lasted…and announced on Power To Cope the upcoming release of his first book this Fall. . . There wasn’t time to hear of God’s more recent leadings and miracles in Stuart’s life and walk with God. There will be a Part 2  in the days ahead.

Part 2 is here:

A Nursing Instructor in Vietnam.

      Power to Cope as a Nursing Instructor in Vietnam

The young nursing graduate was so sure she would not get good recommendations from the school from which she just graduated, she made it her “fleece” with God as to whether she’d head to Vietnam during the 60s…in the full midst of the war there. Marilyn Justesen soon became the head of a successful nurses training program over there–almost killing herself with work in the process and getting killed by enemy. Her delightfully disarming humility and amazing Christian spirit will bless you as you listen!