Power To Cope Getting To Know God!

Jack Blanco. Jack is a well-known educator, theologian and author. In this conversation Jack shares how, during his teen-age years, while visiting relatives in Germany, he was tricked into believing he was being given a scholarship to study engineering. Jack soon found himself, as a scrawny boy from the USA, imprisoned in a labor camp where enemies of the Hitler movement were housed. The privations there and in concentration camps later would have cost him his life, but God’s hand was upon him! Alone one day, Jack pondered upon whom he should pattern his life–should he even survive. He really had had no male role model up to that time, and he sensed no clear direction for whatever life was to be ahead of him. Christ, in mercy, spoke to Jack at that time–with the thought that he could seek the life of Jesus Christ as his pattern. All Jack knew then about
Jesus was the manger story and the story of the cross…but he decided–alone and with little hope, and having never read the Bible–that he would do just that: he would let the life of Christ guide him. The rest is a history of his life centered on God and His word: His Son Jesus Christ. You’ll be richly blessed to hear the details of his daily, continual surrender that led him to come to know God and His Clear Word. (Listen to Part 2 later.) All praise goes to God!


The Future

POWER TO COPE With The Future

Juanita KretschmarBrad interviewed Juanita who told how frightened she was at the thought of leaving her comfort zone in the USA for mission service in Brazil, but in responding to God’s call came resolution only He can give. Later asking for the Holy Spirit turned out to bring even more panic, but having learned to trust His promises at some level, she finally responded to His mandate to ASK! She was as surprised as you may be with what happened next—all planned by God so she finally found peace !

Needing Direction and Protection

      Power to Cope Needing Direction and Protection

Veteran Pastor and Missionary Glen Hill shares stories of specific direction from God—via Bible passages and impressions— plus awesome moments of protection . There was a promise early on in Glen’s walk with God that he felt was a message from God to him (in Matthew 10: 19) after he’d asked God if he should accept an invitation to speak “up front” for Him. Glen understood that he didn’t need to be worried about speaking publicly, that God would give him just the answers needed. Now, decades later, THAT was tested on this program as Glen was repeatedly challenged to explain to the listeners of Power To Cope some “Why’s” about God’s dealing with humanity. He stood the test well, and listeners afterwards told how they were blessed hearing his answers to questions some have had about some of the tragedies of life that God has permitted. You’ll be blessed hearing this one… His answers may help you to trust God as he does.