Horror on the Highway

      POWER TO COPE With Horror on the Highway

Listening and weeping again with a father during unimaginable loss, will be worth your time, because this bereaved pastor, with his wife, wrestled through to a conclusion that gave me an answer I’m going to share with others, about what happened to God’s “good” plan for little ones who die way before their “time”. So clear, so simple.

POWER TO COPE Forgiving Again and Again

      POWER TO COPE Forgiving Again and Again

“Diane”  tells a story that could be troubling to someone who lives only at the surface in a marriage relationship. Diane left early home training and when her parents moved away, found a soul-mate with two previous divorces in a bar. Her idea that marriage was “for life” collided with his wandering eye and behavior. A baby / divorce / single parenting / ”soulmate” asking to return / remarriage / repetition / then finding God and amazing God-given power to cope that included lasting change makes this story incredible!

POWER TO COPE Juggling Home, Work and School

      POWER TO COPE Juggling Home

Ellen Mochache is a dynamic lady who is blessed with a husband, Gershom Soire, whom she respects, and who respects her. Family worship is a priority as the two also work at giving a tiny little daughter (still nursing) their best possible attention and affections. Now a fulltime career as a nurse practitioner, plus working toward a doctorate in her field, is no simple task. But much prayer and wisdom in putting first things first (i.e. God) includes taking God at His word and believing. There’s a winning combination here!

When a designing girl destroys your life.

POWER TO COPE When a designing girl destroys your life.

Mary” worked at her husband’s side helping him grow their business until it had not only provided building services to many facilities around the USA, but was beginning to bless those needing assistance in far away countries. There was joy throughout the growing team working for them when they met together and reviewed each new challenge. None were really prepared for the warning the young husbands all received about a young woman who set out to husbands away from their wives. But the girl was 30 years younger than Mary’s husband. Surely now! Only God has carried Mary through the past 20 years. She’s alone with God and friends …and building homes for the underprivileged again…and the designing girl? 

Devastation . . . and Beyond!

Part I:

      Devastation . . . and Beyond!

Part II:

      Devastation . . . and Beyond!

Janet Page turned back the pages of her life to recall the shattering experience that broke into her joy with the shock of a thief. The accident that happened so quickly stole her husband, her happiness, her two-year-old boy’s daddy, their plans together…their future. Janet’s experience, shared openly and honestly, told of sorting through her faith, and how God brought her step by step to understanding how to walk daily and continually with Him as her husband. She shares, with her unique sense of humor, when God, as her Husband,  led her to understand later, that He yet had plans for companionship on the human level for her, as well as a daddy for her boy. Her story is not unique. But it is the story of a woman now confident in God’s direction, willing to trust Him with her own life as she ministers with her God-given spouse to persons around the world with whom she shares the truth of God’s faithfulness in every possible trial. She has a walk with God that devastation could not steal–and she’s determined to never let it go!

A Testing By Fire

      A Testing By Fire

Linda & Jere Franklin are willing to tell the truly wrenching story of a life-changing explosion that affected their entire family, but particularly impacted their eight-year-old cheerful boy who for years afterwards had to endure repeated hospitalizations and surgeries, with scars and repairs. Through it all the child who had to grow up so fast, seemed to understand that he had been blessed by God in NOT losing his life, so there was no reason not to live a thankful life! The story is so preciously filled with God’s presence (as particularly identified in the life of their son), you will want to get to know their now-grown son for yourself. Linda’s account of her own journey to acceptance of the disaster is written compellingly, and you will be further blessed if you get her book, Rainbow in the Flames. But whether you do or not, listen to the account shared by these parents who themselves HAD to have power to cope–strength from outside themselves–if they were to watch their son, though scarred for life, become a man, a husband, a father, and a sought-after friend. There’s quite a blessing in this one!

Proving Your Mother Wrong

Power To Cope Proving Mother Wrong!

“Jacob” was certain it would not be hard to find “the” verse in scripture that would clear up his mother’s mistaken new belief that Jesus was the Jewish messiah. At least it should be nothing that two hours of daily Bible study couldn’t solve! Eight months later a now much more spiritually-open youth was ready to be confronted by a billboard, devastated by rejection from a romantic interest, and stunned with amazement and surrender at the discovery almost overnight of the Messiah of his people–who fulfilled the logic of prophetic predictions and answered the heart needs of a man who in time would become a rabbi to lead many like himself to find the power to cope available in the God/man who became his own personal Savior. PS: Mother knows best!

Power To Cope As A Triplet: Melissa, Brian and Tori Kretschmar

      Power To Cope As A Triplet: Melissa

The conversation with these three 13½-year-olds is laced with spiritual insights and youthful reactions expressed ingenuously. At this point all three are deliberately choosing to make time for God. They speak casually of schedules that include voluntary personal and family worship. They’re normal youth who’ve learned tools for coping . . . If they hang onto them they’ll be protected a long time!

Power To Cope Surviving Domestic Violence

Power To CopSurviving Domestic Violence

Chavella’s story is a testimony that one never has to face life alone. God steadied her, and brought escape after her first marriage of 22 years with a man whose brutality came to be expected when he was drinking. Their growing-up children helped her escape his infidelity and mistreatment. Several years later the “spiritual leader” she then married revealed himself as a controlling tyrant with a troubled mind. Six women had been married to him before she was (she learned after the fact). He led a double life of unfaithfulness toward her and God. Now Chavella leads a professional life ministering as counselor, author and instructor. She’s at peace. God is enough.

Searching For A Real Family

Power To Cope Searching For A Real Family

Dan’s story touches your own bewildered heart, as you realize there ARE children raised in cars, with food thrown to them as though they are animals, and punishments including being kept in bed for months at a time–with no protection from those who are called their parents. Longing changed to growing up way too fast with determination to be different and live above his past. Between army and a girl friend’s Christian family who gave him respect–plus a very wise pastor–Dan was introduced to life with a real family–like a love gift from God’s heart. His prayer at the end gives reason for his sharing. Do listen!