Remembering Bank Robberies

      POWER TO COPE Remembering Bank Robberies

This is a story told via humorous, honest and sometimes brutal self-analysis about having an “attitude” and an attitude change from a former “pothead” who went through two bank robberies, and briefly became a suspect herself, to believing anything out of mainstream religion would take one to Ghana drinking koolaid…to discovering God’s prophetic word joyfully when it included horses and beasts! Hearing her, one NEVER knows what God can and will use to get someone’s attention!


Power to Cope with Emptiness

John‘s emptiness had been present much of his life. Nothing earthly could fill it. Successful in his business studies, John found the vacancy within himself ever-present  and dominating–whether he was on Madison Avenue giving advice and making international deals involving millions of dollars, or following socially acceptable drinking and other mood-altering-easily-obtainable drugs. He was making more money than he could spend, went after romance and all the other “stuff” that finally nearly cost him his sanity. The path that led him to surrender to Jesus, asking for forgiveness when he really hadn’t known he needed it much less how it could be obtained, is nothing short of fascinating. John could scarcely believe that with confession and acceptance of Christ as his Savior, he had been delivered! There were no more voices! John lives free.  When anyone asked him: Where should I invest my money? John’s answer would be: “Buy Bibles!”  John knows what to do about emptiness. God fills him, again and again, as only He can. And what God does, and what God gives, lasts. It continues to amaze him, and satisfy him!