Horror on the Highway

      POWER TO COPE With Horror on the Highway

Listening and weeping again with a father during unimaginable loss, will be worth your time, because this bereaved pastor, with his wife, wrestled through to a conclusion that gave me an answer I’m going to share with others, about what happened to God’s “good” plan for little ones who die way before their “time”. So clear, so simple.

POWER TO COPE Surviving Multiple Tragedies

POWER TO COPE Surviving Multiple Tragedies

Bernie Martin Beck: stepped from the role of hostess on “Journals and Journeys” on Better Life TV to sharing issues on PTC she has faced—from a stroke during a pregnancy, later to her daughter’s accidental death, to a loved one’s suicide, to battling cancer—all confronted within the reality of God’s strength.  

Power To Cope with Electrocution

      Power To Cope with Electrocution

 Scott Barlow  was seeking a closer walk with Jesus about the time of a profound loss that turned the family upside down. Through self-sacrificing service in Ethiopia, the family was united and became focused–while the size of their family increased! In the process, Scott survived electrocution, a life mission was imprinted within all of their hearts and minds, and deep faith and understanding of the Savior became a way of life that might have been missed without the unsettling accident and subsequent events that drew all of them into a really desperate need for power to cope from a Source outside their up-to-then quite predictable world! Just listening to their ministry at a hospital and on the street for the hungry–as well as their participation in the development of an orphanage will challenge your own comfortable world.

Dealing With Cancer!

Marsha Land has been a caring nurse for a long time…continually accustomed to ministering to family, friends and strangers. But dealing with her own life’s uncertainty was a different matter Don’t miss her story of how God brought her to courageously face cancer’s reality right to this day…that included an after- midnight walk up Stone Mountain. She was going to be as close to God as she could be, and sure enough, He was there for her!

Power to Cope with Suicide in the Family

Power to Cope with Suicide in the Family

Alec, the youngest child in his family, literally adored his big brother–who paid attention to him in ways brothers can understand–ways that count for a boy. He was Alec’s defender against neighborhood bullies. The little brother was allowed into big brother’s life–as his “punching bag” on big brother’s way to becoming a black belt. The older brother was a perfectionist who seemed to succeed at anything he would try. Yet, in Alec’s mid-teens, his idolized big brother chose suicide–with utterly no warning in Alec’s mind. The shock decades later still reverberated–and Alec shared the impact with the Power to Cope listeners–as he awakened to the peace that only God can give in releasing burdensome memories into the hands of God who alone can help one reject tormenting thoughts through the power of Jesus Christ.

Power to Cope with Life and Death (Hospice Nurse)

      Power to Cope with Life and Death

Nurse Suzanne Land plunged fully into hospice care, ministering to the physical, emotional and even spiritual needs of her patients and their families during some of their most intense moments. Recalling the pain of her own family losses, she takes every opportunity possible to love the dying and their family members. Each day’s experiences are never predictable, but are always challenging and sometimes even humorous. Her steady determination to live a consistent Christian life can bring smiles and hugs into a time and place of much heart sorrow, so light from God shines in dark situations. In this second interview with Suzanne, once again God’s promises are heard to have produced deep trust within her, so she responds with passion to this inner call to share His loving Spirit with others in their times of deep need as well.

Karin: Power to Cope with Family Pain & A Mother’s Death

      Karin: Power to Cope with Family Pain & A Mother's Death

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Mari: Power to Cope with an Unwanted Answer to Prayer

      Mari: Power to Cope with Unwanted Answer to Prayer

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