Called Out of Homosexuality

Power to Cope Being Called Out of Homosexuality
      Called Out of Homosexuality
      Called Out of Homosexuality
      Called Out of Homosexuality
(A 3-part series) Mike Carducci. In the first segment of this series Mike speaks quite openly of the world around him, his family, and the associates he had and the impact they all had on his insatiable drive during the early years of his life. He is quite open about the tenderness of his feelings that were repeatedly mocked by many of those around him, even as he gives credit and thanks to love shown him by his sisters as well as his mom. But to him it seemed almost inevitable that he would be fascinated by experimentation with same-sex relationships…inevitable because of his craving to understand his own manhood through the manhood of others, since those kind of family relationships were unavailable. Having no clear picture of God, he finally gave up trying to please, and simply gave into what at first seemed so wrong…until he plunged into depths he hadn’t thought possible. Try not to miss any one of the three conversations in this series. You may meet your own Savior throught this man’s response to God’s call to come out! It’s one of those “only by God’s love” testimonies that truly demo that with God all things are possible–there are NO hopeless cases!

A Cop Called To Account!

      A Cop Called To Account!

Ron Goss was a man who knew his business, rose in the ranks to become a Chief, who worked hard and played hard and had a no-nonsense reputation among other cops as well as criminals. But the day came when he was called to account–of all people by a criminal! That man challenged him to think about his accountability to God!. His mother’s prayers may have been ignored by Ron, but God had been listening. And when the time was ripe, God’s word made sense, the tough man submitted to the saving power of Christ, the truth of His word, and the call from God to involve his entire life, talents and resources in setting prisoners free–from sin–just as he himself had received freedom. You’ll be delighted with the transformation God brought, and be challenged to let God change your own hard heart to be softened for souls.

A Testing By Fire

      A Testing By Fire

Linda & Jere Franklin are willing to tell the truly wrenching story of a life-changing explosion that affected their entire family, but particularly impacted their eight-year-old cheerful boy who for years afterwards had to endure repeated hospitalizations and surgeries, with scars and repairs. Through it all the child who had to grow up so fast, seemed to understand that he had been blessed by God in NOT losing his life, so there was no reason not to live a thankful life! The story is so preciously filled with God’s presence (as particularly identified in the life of their son), you will want to get to know their now-grown son for yourself. Linda’s account of her own journey to acceptance of the disaster is written compellingly, and you will be further blessed if you get her book, Rainbow in the Flames. But whether you do or not, listen to the account shared by these parents who themselves HAD to have power to cope–strength from outside themselves–if they were to watch their son, though scarred for life, become a man, a husband, a father, and a sought-after friend. There’s quite a blessing in this one!


Power to Cope with Emptiness

John‘s emptiness had been present much of his life. Nothing earthly could fill it. Successful in his business studies, John found the vacancy within himself ever-present  and dominating–whether he was on Madison Avenue giving advice and making international deals involving millions of dollars, or following socially acceptable drinking and other mood-altering-easily-obtainable drugs. He was making more money than he could spend, went after romance and all the other “stuff” that finally nearly cost him his sanity. The path that led him to surrender to Jesus, asking for forgiveness when he really hadn’t known he needed it much less how it could be obtained, is nothing short of fascinating. John could scarcely believe that with confession and acceptance of Christ as his Savior, he had been delivered! There were no more voices! John lives free.  When anyone asked him: Where should I invest my money? John’s answer would be: “Buy Bibles!”  John knows what to do about emptiness. God fills him, again and again, as only He can. And what God does, and what God gives, lasts. It continues to amaze him, and satisfy him!

Gender Change & Reversal

Power to Cope with Gender Change & Reversal

Speaking with Ruthellen in a conversation that at the least had to have been difficult for this woman who has her doctorate in psychology. Ruthellen’s life had been touched with early memories of a tarnished picture of God to say the least—by a man who told her he was in place of God to her, and she should relate to him in that way. The abuse suffered from his hands and his words is painful to imagine. Add to that parental disappointment expressed that she was not born a boy. Somewhere in all that, Ruthellen admits she bought into the lie that a gender change on the outside would satisfy the parent’s and her own sense of failure. Everyone around seemed to “help” her do this—never preparing her for the physical pain and disappointment that accompanied the outer transformation. Later—after going back and forth between female and male, a plea to God for help was answered. She found peace and direction—finally reversing the earlier deed—but no encouragement from others. Her story is a lonely one, with God alone truly giving her power to cope

Power to Cope Since Viet Nam – Part 2

      Power to Cope Since Viet Nam - Part 2

Part 2 of Stuart Griffen’s story.  Part one can be found here:

Searching For A Real Family

Power To Cope Searching For A Real Family

Dan’s story touches your own bewildered heart, as you realize there ARE children raised in cars, with food thrown to them as though they are animals, and punishments including being kept in bed for months at a time–with no protection from those who are called their parents. Longing changed to growing up way too fast with determination to be different and live above his past. Between army and a girl friend’s Christian family who gave him respect–plus a very wise pastor–Dan was introduced to life with a real family–like a love gift from God’s heart. His prayer at the end gives reason for his sharing. Do listen!

Power To Cope Since Viet Nam Part 1

      Power To Cope Since Viet Nam

Stuart Griffin headed to military service after high school, certain he’d have more control over what he would accomplish in his life. Somehow it didn’t work out as he planned. Drug usage and alcohol, always plentiful both in and out of the service somehow turned his life upside down. Getting back to the States after the war, his search for answers led him to Europe and a cave where others were on a mission to find out about god from a youthful guru. His search was serious, but somehow God Himself got through to him with very clear instructions that he was on the wrong path in his search. Years later, with a family, again God spoke–warning him. In time he accepted the warning. . . .Though his life has included some tough losses, Stuart  found deliverance, found a path to peace that has lasted…and announced on Power To Cope the upcoming release of his first book this Fall. . . There wasn’t time to hear of God’s more recent leadings and miracles in Stuart’s life and walk with God. There will be a Part 2  in the days ahead.

Part 2 is here:

When You Feel Left Alone

Power to Cope When You Feel Left Alone

Mary Paulson Lauda, a businesswoman who worked alongside her husband for years, built up funds which they both delighted in sharing with others. Then the devastating day came while mountain climbing  far from home. The shock of her husband’s sudden death tested every fibre of Mary’s being. But years of serving and trusting God carried her through. When the shock passed she faithfully continued her daily time of devotion and constant prayer. Now 94 years young she looks back at a life filled with philanthropy, totally modest about the wisdom God has given in guiding her who to help and what to support with the financial blessings she has received. She understands that all she has belongs to God and she must be careful very careful with what is His. The secret of coping from her testimony is obvious: Whether it be the horror of the sudden loss of a husband or caring for her dying daughter, one doesn’t have to live dwelling in sorrow and loneliness. Mary looks up and looks around, living by His strength helping others.

Matters of the Heart

      Power To Cope with Matters of the Heart

Included up-to-the-minute-wisdom from cardiologist Dr. Bryce Morrice who addressed the heart’s physical issues with much clarity and part two about the “must” of a spiritual heart change from no-nonsense atheist pathologist, Dr. Agatha Thrash who had no use for the Bible, until she learned what it says!