Power To Cope As A Family Doctor

      Power To Cope As A Family Doctor

With Dr. Carl Wilcox who comes across with a calmness, which he says is due to a sense of God’s presence he’s had with him all through his life. This doctor’s reliance on God, whom he describes as a real friend whether he assisted another doctor in brain surgery or making house calls to humble homes where the pay came with produce from a garden. Carl’s firm sense of “God” must have been one means of instilling healthful thinking and living in his patients. And God’s presence continues to carry Carl through challenging times in retirement!

Power To Cope Getting To Know God

      Power To Cope Getting To Know God

With Pastor Jack Blanco:  Absolutely thrilling insights will be revealed in the wisdom of God’s leading/protection that brought youthful Jack to choose Christ as a life-long model! This is the first of several conversations planned with this man who has impacted so many lives due to years he dedicated in preparing an amplified version of the Bible know to the thousands of devoted Bible students as The Clear Word!

Power To Cope with a 2nd Grade Education

With Aparecida Nery, A disarmingly honest story, shared by Cida–a woman who had many strikes against her from earliest childhood–knowing grinding poverty, seeing violence, with a parent overcome by a vice that caused her childish life to experience frequent middle-of-the night harried excursions as the family fled from town to town escaping the police. Jerked out of school at the age of eight, she got a job that provided rent money and food for her family in exchange for her care of a woman so contagiously ill even the woman’s own relatives would not help her. There is MUCH more to her story of finding God’s love, being trained into a responsible career, to even being instrumental in establishing five churches for God on the East Coast of this country–proving the truth of her favorite promise found in Philippians 4: 13. It must be! 

Called Out of Homosexuality

Power to Cope Being Called Out of Homosexuality
      Called Out of Homosexuality
      Called Out of Homosexuality
      Called Out of Homosexuality
(A 3-part series) Mike Carducci. In the first segment of this series Mike speaks quite openly of the world around him, his family, and the associates he had and the impact they all had on his insatiable drive during the early years of his life. He is quite open about the tenderness of his feelings that were repeatedly mocked by many of those around him, even as he gives credit and thanks to love shown him by his sisters as well as his mom. But to him it seemed almost inevitable that he would be fascinated by experimentation with same-sex relationships…inevitable because of his craving to understand his own manhood through the manhood of others, since those kind of family relationships were unavailable. Having no clear picture of God, he finally gave up trying to please, and simply gave into what at first seemed so wrong…until he plunged into depths he hadn’t thought possible. Try not to miss any one of the three conversations in this series. You may meet your own Savior throught this man’s response to God’s call to come out! It’s one of those “only by God’s love” testimonies that truly demo that with God all things are possible–there are NO hopeless cases!

Power To Cope Finding His Place

Wayne Clarke. Wayne is a man who has led others to enjoy a life filled with educational achievements, preciseness in dealing with work in accounting, even participating in the organization and groundwork in developing a place of advanced training and experience for those drawn to serve God in the capacity of ministers.
This does not sound like someone who basically “flunked” the second grade, whose parents believed in him and had to spend long hours trying to help him learn to read and spell! Those were the days when no “special ed” classes existed…and few understood what the term “dyslexia” meant. Wayne was just a little boy, growing bigger each day, but shunned to an extent because he just couldn’t learn. But God had a hand over that little boy, and his story will tug at your heart as you walk with him through the agony of his learning disability–and realiza how one must never dismiss anyone as hopeless or dumb. Wayne, by God’s grace, has achieved much in his life, and gives humble thanks to his Lord who from beginning until now has truly been his “Power” to cope!

Power To Cope Getting To Know God!

Jack Blanco. Jack is a well-known educator, theologian and author. In this conversation Jack shares how, during his teen-age years, while visiting relatives in Germany, he was tricked into believing he was being given a scholarship to study engineering. Jack soon found himself, as a scrawny boy from the USA, imprisoned in a labor camp where enemies of the Hitler movement were housed. The privations there and in concentration camps later would have cost him his life, but God’s hand was upon him! Alone one day, Jack pondered upon whom he should pattern his life–should he even survive. He really had had no male role model up to that time, and he sensed no clear direction for whatever life was to be ahead of him. Christ, in mercy, spoke to Jack at that time–with the thought that he could seek the life of Jesus Christ as his pattern. All Jack knew then about
Jesus was the manger story and the story of the cross…but he decided–alone and with little hope, and having never read the Bible–that he would do just that: he would let the life of Christ guide him. The rest is a history of his life centered on God and His word: His Son Jesus Christ. You’ll be richly blessed to hear the details of his daily, continual surrender that led him to come to know God and His Clear Word. (Listen to Part 2 later.) All praise goes to God!


POWER TO COPE With Infection

      POWER TO COPE With Infection

Another delightful story of God giving serenity that seems to bubble up from within to a recently retired man who had a bleeding sore on his foot that just didn’t heal…but his spirit of joyful confidence in a God who surprised him with a hug decades earlier one of the first times he ever stepped inside a church has obviously been a lasting warmth from God’s friends who have literally loved him with no strings attached. That love has carried him through such time of pain because somehow there’s unstoppable trust!

Remembering Bank Robberies

      POWER TO COPE Remembering Bank Robberies

This is a story told via humorous, honest and sometimes brutal self-analysis about having an “attitude” and an attitude change from a former “pothead” who went through two bank robberies, and briefly became a suspect herself, to believing anything out of mainstream religion would take one to Ghana drinking koolaid…to discovering God’s prophetic word joyfully when it included horses and beasts! Hearing her, one NEVER knows what God can and will use to get someone’s attention!

Horror on the Highway

      POWER TO COPE With Horror on the Highway

Listening and weeping again with a father during unimaginable loss, will be worth your time, because this bereaved pastor, with his wife, wrestled through to a conclusion that gave me an answer I’m going to share with others, about what happened to God’s “good” plan for little ones who die way before their “time”. So clear, so simple.

Nursing in Saigon during the Viet Nam War

      POWER TO COPE Nursing in Saigon during the Viet Nam War

You’ll be refreshed to hear the story of a brilliant young nurse—with a self-image close to failure—step forward under God to a challenge few would ever consider seriously. Now with her doctorate, and a life history impacting positively countless students, one can praise God for the challenge and courage only He could have given that carried her through!